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Doom Eternal Xbox Live

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About Doom Eternal Xbox Live

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Doom Eternal is a classic FPP shooter that is a direct continuation of Doom in 2016, which is a well-received by the critics and players restart of the legendary series of FPS, which was born in 1993.

The story continues the events from the previous part and begins some time after its completion. Once again, we play as a commando to stop the forces of hell, which this time took over the metropolis on Earth. By eliminating various types of masks, we also visit the Moon of Mars – Phobos and completely new, surprising locations.

Doom Eternal develops the formula from the previous part, putting primarily on even faster action. We are helped by new mobility skills such as fast dodge or climbing, as well as gadgets mounted on the armor and arming the hero. We have at our disposal a flamethrower on the shoulder and a hook with a rope under the rifle. Shooting weakened opponents, so-called glory kills, have been enriched with new animations. Renewing health still involves collecting first-aid kits and bottles that now resemble those from the classic game views from 1993 and 1994.

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