Your favourite RTS ...

Your favourite RTS game?  

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What game would you consider to be your favourite RTS? For me nothing comes close to company of heroes and its subsequent DLC's. The online multiplayer experience is fantastic and is still active to this day. Goes to show how good the game is after more than 10 years

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Empire Earth was awesome to young me. It was like an even more detailed Age of Empires. While AoE was all around a much better game; I always loved how enormous Empire Earth's tech tree was and that you went from the stone age way the fuck onwards to the Nuclear age and beyond.

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This is a hard question to ask. There are so many good RTS games out there but if I was forced to say one and one alone then the one I would probably go with is the very excellent Supreme Commander 🙂

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It's a classic but I'd have to say Starcraft!

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