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[Sticky] Board Rules  

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General Rules

HuntmaR has a set of terms for forum use. You can view the Terms of Use as well as the Community Code of Conduct.

How do I avoid trouble?

  • Don't flame, troll, or post disruptively and don't encourage such behavior.
  • Don't victimize others and avoid discriminatory language.
  • Don't discuss any illegal activities. (ROMs, Emulators, Homebrew, etc).
  • Don't post inappropriate material (pornographic, overtly sexual, gore, etc).
  • Don't post from an alternate account.
  • Post only appropriate deals
    HuntmaR is supportive of many types of deals, but over time we've needed to prohibit certain categories. This includes mobile deals, betas, trials, free-to-play, and crowdfunded deals.

    Discounts on paid content for F2P games are acceptable, but links to the game itself with no discount are not. Games that are always free are also not allowed.

  • Always use direct links
    Please link directly to the deal if at all possible. Don't go through Facebook, URL shorteners, coupon sites or blogspam. If additional information is needed, please post it as a self post and supply more information. Self posts can also be used to post multiple deals together.
  • Don't place affiliate links. Only clean links are allowed in the forum.


We highly recommend placing offers on our Deals page instead of the forum. To do this, press "Add Deal" button or click here.

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