Release notes track incremental improvements and major releases for the Huntmar.


Here is a short overview of what we implemented on Huntmar today.

  • New desing of the main menu and the user menu. We changed the logic and added a few shortcuts.
  • New design of the search bar. We have added additional search options for user posts.
  • Region and language are no longer linked. Now, for example, for the region “United States” you can select Polish etc.
  • New grid layout for games.
  • Custom colors for games. We have added new option to set default color for games in wishlist, alerts and collection (Your settings -> wishlist for example).
  • Added On-Screen Notifications. Notifications will also be displayed in pop-ups.
  • New section – Features Request. If you want to suggest a new feature please go here.
  • New section – Report Bug. If you have a bug to report please go here.

We also fixed a couple of bugs here and there 🙂