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About us
About us
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HuntmaR is a portal created for players. Portal for which legality is the primary value. We’re afraid of pirates.

Assuming the service, we knew what is the source of piracy. People are able to pay for games from official districts provided they have enough money. Unfortunately, games are too expensive. That’s why we’ve created an additional platform on which we present the best price deals for games.

We hunt for both boxed and digital games. Using our website we present offers from many stores. We spend a few hours a day looking for opportunities that other people would not have to lose him. The most important thing for us is credibility and honesty, that’s why all the offers you find here come from a reliable source.

But it is not everything!

HuntmaR is a platform that allows you to compare the prices of video games (either PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch) as well as hardware and consoles, in a selection of the best online shops available. With our search engine, you will be able to find the best prices for most videogames of any platform (Steam, Origin, Blizzard, Uplay,…) and everything else with a few simple steps.

We currently have a huge variety of stores, located by country, where you will find the best prices for your favorite video games. All stores are legal and 100% secure and with reliable payment methods. Still, HuntmaR offers a method of store valuation in which you can read opinions about each one, related to shipping time, payment methods etc.

Remember that HuntmaR does not sell anything directly, we only redirect to the stores where the user proceeds with the purchase of the game or product, even so, we have a contact section so that in case of any problem with any store we can help you. In its more than 1 years of life, HuntmaR continues to offer the best price comparison of video games for all types of platforms where thousands of players from around the world continue to use in their daily purchases.

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